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September 17, 2018
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TC-T831 Indicator


Compared to the weighing precision of typical weighing indicators,

the high precision and outstanding electromagnetic compatibility of
the T831weighing terminal enable it to better fulfill measurement
and control applications in harsh industrial environments. Thanks
to its SMT design, the T831 weighing terminal consumes less power
and is more compact, allowing it to be panel mounted into to a
control cabinet.
From an analog output to industrial Fieldbus to Ethernet, the T831
provides a wide variety of interface options. It can seamlessly
connect with many types of PC’s, PLC’s, and DC’s. Its digital
communication interface provides direct, high-speed control for a
variety of applications such as packaging, filling, dynamic
weighing and discharging.
The T831 can be transparently controlled by a PLC or a PC for remote
configuration and calibration. Its six-wire load cell interface
compensates for signal loss due to long cable runs (up to 300m).
Price $425.00
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