AE-MDW 300L Physician Scale
August 25, 2018
TBB Triple Beam Balances
August 25, 2018
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AE-MUW 300L Physician Scale


The elegant MUW 300L ultrasonic scale calculates height, weight

and BMI (body mass index) in an efficient design that fits neatly
into tight spaces. Unlike more traditional mechanical scales, MUW
300L requires no manual adjustment, capturing all measurements
with the push of a button. Patients and medical professionals are
able to simultaneously view height, weight and BMI information on
the large, backlit LCD, eliminating the need to scroll through data.
Data collection is further simplified via an RS-232 port that
enables the secure transmission of patient records, to comply with
digital charting requirements and ensure patient confidentiality.
660 lb. Capacity
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