AC-SBS-SS-20K Shear Beam Stainless Steel
August 26, 2018
Double-Ended Shear Beam Nickel Plated Alloy Steel AC-DSB-1K
August 26, 2018
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AC-SBS-SS-40K Shear Beam Stainless Steel


NTEP, OIML Approved

Easy to Install, Stable & Reliable, Suitable for Floor Scales,
Blending & Mixing Systems, Belt Scales and Batching Systems,etc.

Rated up to IP67
NTEP CoC: 95-146 (1K to 10K ONLY)

Equivalent to: Vishay Sensortronics 65023, Vishay Revere Transducers 5123,
Rice Lake RL30000, Vishay Tedea-Huntleigh 3411, Artech 30310

Rated Output 3.0mV/V ±0.1%
Zero Balance ± 1% of rated output
Creep after 30 minutes ±0.03% of rated output
Nonlinearity ±0.03% of rated output
Hysteresis ±0.03% of rated output
Repeatability ±0.03% of rated output
Temp. effect on output ≤0.002% of applied output/ºC
Temp. effect on zero ≤0.002% of rated output/ºC
Safe Temp. Range -10ºC to + 70ºC
Temp. Compensated -10ºC to + 50ºC
Safe Overload 150%
Input Impedance 387 ohm ± 5 ohm
Output Impedance 350 ohm ± 3 ohm
Insulation Resistance ≥5000 M ohm (50V DC)
Rated Excitation 10V DC/AC
Maximum Excitation 15V DC/AC
Cable Length 20 ft (6 m)
Cable Color Code Red(+E) Black(-E) Green(+S) White(-S)

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